June 25, 2015



Best Personal Arts & Culture Blog 2015

“It was a great honour for me to be selected as a finalist in the Arts & Culture personal blog category at the 2015 Blog Awards. As my site seeks to highlight what I regard as forgotten Irish emigrants, it was especially humbling to have work on them recognised in the country of those emigrant’s birth. It will be a very long time before I forget the shock and surprise at hearing Irish in the American War being named the winner of the category at the awards night! The night itself was a fabulous occasion, filled with great entertainment and a great crowd. The planning and thought that had gone into the event was clear to see, and I can’t commend the organisers enough for producing such an impressive show. If I am ever fortunate enough to make the finals of future blog awards (and even if I don’t!) I will certainly try to attend, as there are can be few better ways to enjoy an evening!”

Damian Shiels, Irish in the American Civil War

Most Innovative Corporate Blog 2015 qt

“For me, winning the ‘Most Innovative Blog’ in the corporate category for the Blog Awards Ireland, 2015 was a great boost for OnTheQT.ie. As a start up business it gave the team great recognition for all the hard work to date. It was an honour to be chosen as a winner in a competition where the standard was so high! The awards ceremony is a celebration of modern digital marketing, and a perfect example of how powerful blogs can be in todays world. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded, creative people who share the same passion for blogging. Winning the award has most certainly been beneficial to my company and it is an experience I will cherish forever.”

Stephanie, OnTheQT.ie

Best Personal Travel Blog 2015logotester

“This year, we entered the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 for the first time and we won! We were bowled over when we got the news, we had no expectations to get so far in the Blog Awards, never mind win, it really was a dream come true.

Things have been going great since the blog awards last year. Just after winning the award, we went to new Zealand on a 3month trip where we partnered with a motorhome company for the duration of our trip. It was amazing having our transport and accommodation costs sorted for the duration of our trip. We also worked with loads of Regional Tourism Boards throughout our trip – it was an incredible few months. And we’ve been pretty much on the road since – we’re currently writing to you from South Korea. 🙂 The blog is gaining in popularity all the time, we were finalists in the Irish Digital Media Awards for Blogger of The Year and we were finalists for the Irish Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 – we couldn’t ask for much more.”

Brian & Noelle, Wandering On

Best Corporate Parenting Blog 2015 logo-2

“Mykidstime was delighted to be named finalist, and subsequently winner, for Best Parenting Blog (Company) at The Blog Awards Ireland 2015. We liked being part of the awards ceremony – it was straightforward to enter and the communication from the team was good as we moved through the process. The awards ceremony itself was a fabulous night – the venue was perfect for the chosen theme, and there was plenty of great food and entertainment to help count down the time to the awards. MCs for the night moved things along swiftly and overall it was a well-organised and fun night. Winning the award has really given our content strategy credibility and meant that our hard work has paid off; it has strengthened our relationships with partners and definitely cemented new business for Mykidstime. So far this year we have won Best Blog & Overall Marketing Awards at the OMIG Awards 2016, as well as being finalists for our blog at the Social Media Awards Ireland 2016 too, but the Blog Awards Ireland for us is the one to achieve as it is the national blogging standard to aim for.”

Jill, MyKidsTime

Best Corporate Fashion Blog 2015 Chupi_logo_2012

“It was such an honour to be nominated for Blog Awards Ireland and we were even more delighted to come home with ‘Best Fashion Blog’! The event was really gorgeous, with divine food, drinks and of course amazing people!”

Dorothy, Chupi

Best Personal Fashion Blog 2015kasssi

“Winning the Best Fashion Blog Award last year definitely helped increase awareness around JustKassi.com and add more credibility to my work. 2015 was the year I re-branded my blog and relaunched it and since winning in the Blog Awards Ireland I have worked with many beauty and fashion brands from Ireland, the UK, Greece and even Denmark, and I have also been interviewed and featured in online publications in Greece (my home country) & Ireland.
It was amazing to be part of the awards. The whole process was very exciting and so engaging with my followers and the actual night was well organised with lots of activities. I love the fact that the blogs are being judged by a panel but at the same time are also supported by the people who actually read them.
I was not expecting to win, I was happy to be a finalist but when I heard my blog’s name announced as the winner, I was speechless. This moment will always stay with me. I was so happy and shocked and time just froze.”

Kassiani Cheirogeorgou, Just Kassi

Best Personal Youth Blog 2015

“When I reached the final and got some tickets I went along and it was fantastic! An electric atmosphere, great opportunities for networking and some fantastic cheesecake for dessert. Being part of the blog awards, especially as a young person entered in the youth category I felt as if I was accepted but the benefits were greater than just acceptance. I was encouraged to continue blogging, empowered to keep going and find my niche, where my blog could fit in and that has contributed to my blog going from strength to strength. I was shocked when I won but absolutely delighted, to know my blog that began as a school project has developed and flourished into something which is recognised nationally is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced, knowing that my blog is good enough to win reinforced my passion for writing!”

Siobhán Brady, There’s Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

Best Arts & Crafts Blog 2014

“Winning Best Arts and Culture Blog at Blog Awards Ireland was like falling into a volcano and finding the temperature on the inside to be rather welcoming.

It was scary and loomed large, but it was very comfortable. We won the first award of the night which was a shock, and a delight. Then the volcano erupted and it blew us up higher than ever before, but it didn’t burn, it was all quite nice. Afterwards we told everyone that we were an award winning website and that we weren’t afraid of volcanoes.”

Alan, Headstuff

truromanmce fullBest Lifestyle Blog 2014

“I was shocked and delighted to be named as a finalist in the Blog Awards Ireland in 2014, and when attending the awards night I genuinely had no idea that I would be going home with the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ award for my wedding blog, True Romance Weddings.

I started writing the blog when I was working a hotel wedding co-ordinator as a way of exploring my creative ideas that were restricted when working for someone else. The blog gained popularity in 2013, and in early 2014 I started my own business as a wedding planner and stationery designer. Thanks to my blog, I obtained some freelance journalism work for a national wedding magazine, and after winning at the Blog Awards I was approached by a number of wedding suppliers around Ireland to act as a ‘ghost blogger’ for their business, where I blog about various topics on a weekly basis.

In turn I have then gone on to write content for websites in both the wedding industry and completely unrelated industries! I went on to become a finalist for Best Blog at the Social Media Awards in June, and feel that being an award-winning blogger has given added credibility to my business. I’m truly looking forward to the 2015 Blog Awards Ireland.”

Caitriona Foley, True Romance Weddings

jamjarBest Eco/Green Blog 2014

“I was thrilled to win Best Eco/Green blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2015. This was my second time to receive the award. It was a real confidence boost to be acknowledged by my peers for the many hours researching, writing and designing posts.
I started my blog three years ago with the conviction that small changes can make a difference if you engage with an audience and winning this award has helped me to do that on a larger scale.”