How does the Judging Work?


So how does the judging process work?

Each blog has to be based in Ireland (except the Diaspora group), has to be updated regularly and actually has to be a blog and not just a social media account.

Each blog that passes this stage makes the longlist, except for Corporate entries, which automatically get shortlisted if they match the criteria. A giant thank you is in order for those who worked tirelessly over the past seven weeks to vet entries, and an even bigger congratulations to all the bloggers who made the cut.

With the longlist at hand, the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards can proceed to the next step: selecting blogs for the shortlist!

Judges certainly have their work cut out for them. Today, bloggers are finding innovative ways to stay relevant and engaging. With such a vibrant group, creating a shortlist will be heartbreaking. However, that heartbreak will allow the victors to stand taller than ever.

To get down to the shortlist, the longlist is peer judged by other bloggers. There will be a minimum of two judges per blog, and a third or even fourth judge will be brought in to settle any disagreements that should arise.

The judging will be based upon certain criteria. To get a sense of how well your blog will stack up against the rest, take a look at how often your blog is updated. Once a week? Once a year? Are you a passionate blogger that displays knowledge on the subjects you write about? Is your blog easy to navigate? Is the layout and design of your blog something that hinders or helps the reading experience? And most importantly, is your blog easy to read? These are things to keep in mind as you picture yourself reaching the shortlist.

At the shortlist stage there will be another round of peer judging, plus a public vote. Peer judging will account for 80% of the total mark, while the public vote will account for 20%. Once the shortlist is confirmed, each shortlisted blogger will have access to a “Vote Now” button to promote public voting.

Once the scoring is complete we will have our finalists! These finalists will be judged professionally and you will have the chance to view individual judge profiles on the blog!

No matter what happens, we’re already delighted with the outcome. Here at the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards we strive to recognise those bloggers who have made an impact on people’s lives. Blogging is a way of life in Ireland, and we’re happy to find a way to show our appreciation to anyone who invests energy in having a voice.

Good luck!

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