June 25, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question about the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards that isn’t answered below, contact us with your query.

How long have the awards been running?
This is the 6th year of the awards

Where is the award ceremony taking place?
We are working on something really special for the 2016 awards. Watch this space for our big reveal!

Who can nominate a blog for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards?
Anyone can nominate!  The public can nominate the blog they read religiously or if you’re a blogger you can nominate yourself.

So I can nominate myself?

If I’m nominated why do I also need to enter? 
We are asking the public to nominate their favourite blogs. When nominating all we ask for is the URL for the blog. Blog HQ then verifies the blog and will contact the blog owner to ask them to officially enter the awards and to select the category that they will be judged in. The reason we do this is to ensure that the owner of the blog is happy to proceed to the judging process and also to ensure they are entered into a category that they want to be judged in.
So there are two awards up for grabs in each category?
Yes, individual/personal blog award and company blog award.

What’s the difference between a “personal blog” and a “company blog”?
For the sake of fairness we have these two separate awards in each category to level the playing field a bit. A personal blog is defined as any blog that doesn’t generate any money for the blog owner(s). This would be a blog that’s more of a hobby than a career, or it may be a blog that’s only just beginning and it will grow into a revenue-generating blog later.

A company (or corporate) blog is defined as any blog that is published by a company or a professional blogger, or where the blog generates revenue for the owner(s), through an online store or paid content for example.

Is there a charge to enter the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards?
There’s no charge so get nominating / entering!

What date do the nominations close?
Nominations close on 12th June.

What date do the entries close?
Entries close on 26th June.

If my blog gets more than one nomination, does that help its chances in the judging process?
No, the judges aren’t told how many nominations each blog receives.

I am living abroad but write about Irish material in my blog. Can I nominate my blog?
Yes, you can enter your blog into the ‘Best Blog of the Diaspora’ category (it must be written in English or as Gaeilge). This is the only category where the blogger doesn’t have to be based in Ireland.

I have a video blog – can I enter the Awards?
Yes, we have a vlog category.

How does the judging process work for each round?
Take a look at our blog post here to see how judging works.

How is the ‘Best Blog Post’ being judged?
The Best Blog Post will be judged by a combination of peer judging, industry judging and a public vote.

How are the other categories being judged?
All entries will be judged by a panel of public judges.

What about Group Blogs?
Group Blogs can be entered into either personal or company sub-category. Unless the blog was created by a company to talk about their brand / product / service then it is classed as a personal blog.

Do the Awards have a hashtag?  
Yes we do! It’s #LWIBloggies16

My question hasn’t been answered. Who do I contact?
If we haven’t answered your question above, please contact Blog HQ on [email protected]

To Nominate, Enter or Become a Judge for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 simply click on one of the buttons below!

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