Introducing Foras na Gaeilge

Introducing Foras na Gaeilge – proud sponsors of the Best Irish Language Category!We are delighted to have Foras na Gaeilge back on board for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards! Foras na Gaeilge are responsible for all items regarding the promotion of the Irish language. They are a public body that have comfortably become an adviser to both the public and private sectors of Ireland, ever since their installation in 1999. Geata chun na Gaeilge, the gateway to the Irish language. Foras na Gaeilge have this challenging job to do, but nevertheless utterly important. All responsibilities pertaining to the Irish language are handled by them, even creating new terminology to add[…]

just eat, best food review blog

Introducing JUST EAT

Introducing JUST EAT – proud sponsor of the Best Food Review Blog category! Is there a better sponsor to have for the Food Review Blogs than a company that directly deals in the food business and has food reviews? We’re thrilled to have JUST EAT on board the Blog Awards. JUST EAT are a company that help out in the most important way possible – by feeding us. JUST EAT feed us when we’re tired, hangry and just too lazy to cook or go find food in the rain. It’s perfect for after a long day of work when you need sustenance but refuse to eat fast food for one[…]

We’re back…..

Welcome to the Blog Awards 2016! We’re delighted to be back to showcase Ireland’s lively blogging scene once again. A lot has changed since the inaugural awards last October. Blogging is becoming more commonplace through increasing exposure on various social media channels. With many platforms to choose from to start blogging – from WordPress and Blogger to Tumblr, Squarespace and Medium – and numerous ways to uniquely publicise your content and extend your reach – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram – the blogging scene in Ireland is fast becoming a social and collaborative community. Not only that, but there are more and more blog posts dedicated to providing tips and[…]