What Acts Will Have You Amazed on Awards Night?

The Circus is a place where we all sit and wonder ‘how do they do that?’ and think wouldn’t it be amazing to catch someone by the arms as you swing upside down?

With the lights, music, smell of outdoors it creates a magical and mystical atmosphere of fun and laughter!

From the Trapeze act where people defy gravity as they fly through the air,




to a real life Transformer transforming before your eyes!


Or the spectacular Wheel of Death, the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 has it all!

Not only is the Wheel of Death one of the most dangerous acts, it is performed by the Ringmaster’s David Duffy sons! Here’s a snippet of what the Wheel of Death involves from the Dublin Inquirer  last year:

”It is a 40-foot frame with hooped tracks, like hamster wheels, on either end. Performers, in this case David’s sons Tom and James, run around on both the inside and outside of the tracks and, as they do, the wheel rotates.

“At one point they skip rope on the outside of the tracks while this thing is spinning around, reaching 50 feet into the air, almost scraping the roof of the tent. They are not strapped to any harness…” Circus Time: Can The Big Top Survive? , Dublin Inquirer.

Has that whetted your appetite yet?

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