10 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About JUST EAT

The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards got together with our food partner – JUST EAT – to learn more about what they offer! Ordering from JUST EAT is a fantastic way to stay fed while shying away from the rain or while refusing to pause a Netflix binge. Many people out there have heard of JUST EAT, maybe even use their service, but would still like to get to know this business that’s quickly making its name known in Ireland.

Just Eat

  1.   What category of food seems to be Ireland’s favourite?

What we see today is that choice is key for consumers. There is now over 30 cuisine types on JUST EAT, so in addition to the traditional options, we are seeing a big increase in healthy options such as Thai, Mexican, gluten free, coeliac, Japanese and Italian.

We want to offer our consumers something for every food occasion, from a quiet night in with a movie with your favourite local takeaway, to a healthy salad at lunchtime. Our lunchtime platform has been growing significantly recently, after taking on a whole host of new takeaway restaurant partners. We’d encourage everyone to check out what’s on offer!

2.   What’s the best thing to find on the JUST EAT blog?

We provide the most up to date information to consumers on everything that is happening at JUST EAT, from upcoming festivals we will be at, to the best reviews of the week on JUST EAT, to the latest news on new takeaway restaurants that have come on board like Mao, Bombay Pantry and wagamama. The best thing to find on the blog though is definitely the competitions. We offer consumers the chance to win everything from discounts on their takeaway to tickets to the top summer festivals.

  1.    You asked the public what their favourite festival food is, what about yours?

While it’s hard to pick a favourite festival food, I think we can all agree that the food offering at a festival is important! Over a third of festival goers in our recent festival food survey found that a variety of food options at festivals are important. We would tend to agree with our consumers who love the classic burger and chips, the trusted pizza, at festivals, as well as healthy food options, like falafel (10%) and Thai (11%).

  1.    What are some lesser known services JUST EAT offer?

When people think of takeaway they sometimes think of the ‘traditional’ evening takeaway at home. While this is an important part of our business, it’s great that we have been able to grow to offer our consumers a whole host of new options. We recently expanded our lunchtime offer, with lots of new takeaway restaurant partners like Burritos and Blues, Pitt Bros, Aussie BBQ, Subway, Banyi Japanese and Krust Bakery offering lunch for delivery. Whether you’re in the mood for a super salad, a sandwich, some sushi or a burrito, we’ve got you covered.

  1.     Who are the people behind the blog posts?

The marketing team at JUST EAT HQ look after the blog posts.

  1.     Is there a hidden gem in Ireland that everyone should try?

It’s impossible to choose one ‘hidden gem’, but I think everyone has a favourite local takeaway in their town or village that they would call a gem.

We’re also excited to continue to take on a host of new takeaway restaurant partners, offering more variety for our consumers than ever. We’d urge everyone to get onto the JUST EAT app, type in your location and see all that’s to offer in the area. Who knows, you might find a new gem.

  1.     Every week there’s a Review of the Week. How do you pick a post to spotlight?

There are so many amazing reviews each week to choose from! We usually try to pick the reviews which are the most descriptive, whether it be of the service the person received or the food they enjoyed.

  1.     What are some of the best events JUST EAT have put on?

JUST EAT has a presence at the top summer music festivals. This year, we brought the JUST EAT Waiter Service across a number of Ireland’s top music and food festivals.

The JUST EAT Waiter Service involves JUST EAT waiters taking festival goers’ orders and delivering it straight back to them while they relax and chill out. We are also bringing the hugely popular JUST EAT Retreat area to Electric Picnic for the third year, offering festival-goers a destination where they can relax, with plenty of treats on offer and the JUST EAT Waiter Service delivering food and drink to festival-goers.

This year, JUST EAT is also introducing the JUST EAT Picnic Porters concierge service to Electric Picnic. JUST EAT Picnic Porters will be on hand at the carpark of this year’s Electric Picnic to help festival-goers deliver their kit easily to the entrance of their campsite, making the dreaded journey that little bit more convenient.

Last year, we celebrated the best of the best with the JUST EAT National Takeaway Awards, which showcased excellence in the takeaway industry. It was a fabulous evening and we look forward to hosting the JUST EAT National Takeaway Awards again this year.

  1.     What future services can we look forward to by JUST EAT?

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at JUST EAT. JUST EAT UK is currently trialling self-driving food delivery robots, so who knows what’s next for Ireland.

  1.     Are there any JUST EAT tips we should know about?

If you don’t already use the JUST EAT app, we would say that it is the easiest and most convenient way to order takeaway. Over 70% of customers now order via the app and on mobile devices, highlighting how easy it can be to order your favourite takeaway with a few clicks.


So if you stuck for what to do for food this weekend, look no further than JUST EAT!

We’re so happy to have this cool business as a sponsor for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards. If there are any other questions you might want the answers to, check out their FAQ page.

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